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Is Virtual Office Legal? What is Virtual Office?

How to Establish a Virtual Office Company?

When establishing a company in Turkey, the notification address must be submitted. You can also view your company’s official address as a virtual office. After all, there are physical business centers and offices, even if their names are virtual. First, you sign a contract with a virtual office company to display your legal address. You complete your official company establishment process by displaying the address given to you by the virtual office company as your business address. (Whether you are establishing a sole proprietorship, limited liability company or joint stock company, you can use your virtual office address as your legal address in any case.) After your company is established, an officer from the Tax Office will come and check whether your notification address is correct. When attendance staff arrive, they are greeted by the reception of your virtual office company. You will be informed and if you are nearby you will meet and sign with the tax officer for an income check. If you can’t arrive at that time, poll attendants can usually leave a phone appointment. Tax officers are accustomed to concepts such as serviced office and virtual office, and if the taxpayer is not in the office, they complete the roll call by appointment. A virtual office company will guide you through all these processes. When the tax review process is completed, your company is established. You now legally have a business and tax identification number. We wish you good luck.

Is the virtual office legal?

To establish a company in our country, a fixed address must be provided. Whether this address is your classic office for rent, your home, or the address of a virtual office company, nothing will change. It is sufficient to have an address where you can report to the tax offices and the treasury. Virtual offices are legal within the Turkish legal framework.

Advantages of Virtual Office

The most important advantage of the virtual office is that it is more economical than a traditional office. In addition to being much cheaper than a traditional office, it is a more prestigious and professional solution than showing your home as a business address.

For which business lines is the virtual office not suitable?

Although there is no provision in the tax law that prohibits virtual offices, some business lines are subject to certain restrictions by professional associations. For example, independent accountants and financial advisors (Smmm), relevant professional chambers and unions impose various restrictions on Tursab member travel agencies. Within the scope of these restrictions, travel agencies that are members of SMMM or Tursab cannot share offices with other companies. Whether you have a virtual office, a home office or a classic office; Before renting an office, if there is a professional chamber of commerce that requires you to be a member due to your profession, it is definitely useful to know its limits. according to the workplace conditions of that institution. The limitations of trade associations aside, the most important thing to consider is the time you spend at work.

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